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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

It was a beautiful Spring day here today.  It was
sunny but still had a coolness to the air.  Later in
the afternoon the wind started picking up and now
at 7pm, it is getting cold even though the sun is still
up.  We may get a frost tonight so I just went out 
and covered some plants.

Here at our American Homestead, Avalon, we 
believe in making the world a more beautiful 
place and for us, we find beauty in nature.
Mr. Wonderful came home today with a 
forsythia shrub and a few knock-out roses.
I planted some lily of the valley earlier in the
day.  Planting perennials is a great way to add
to the beauty of your home, they return year
after year.

These hostas grew a few inches today.  We have
hostas all over our gardens and they all started 
from just a few plants and years of dividing them.

I got this little pussy willow start from one of
my favorite Master Gardeners.  I planted it 
last Fall and with the terrible Winter we had,
I wasn't sure if it survived.  About half of it 
broke off over the Winter and I've been 
waiting to see some sign of life from it.  And
today, on Earth Day, I saw the first new 
growth ~ it lives!

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