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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Opening, Another Show...

Hair ~ Summer 2011

We put on our peace sign
attire and wove some
flowers in our hair and
went to the Broadway
Opening Night of Hair.

Going to a Broadway play is
always exciting but going to
an opening night on Broadway
is very exciting.  There is a
heightened sense of anticipation
for the audience and the company.
This is it.  This is the big moment.

We clapped and swayed and sung
along to Aquarius, Hair, Easy to
be Hard, Good Morning Starshine.

But the best part for me was
when the cast invites some of the
audience members to come on stage
for the After Show Dance Party.
My kids, Brennan & Kate got to
do this and it was very exciting to
see them singing and dancing to
Let the Sun Shine In with the cast.
Being ON a Broadway stage on an
Opening Night is something they
will never forget.

But that's not all...
Afterwards, on a rooftop 33 floors
above Times Square we went to
the Opening Night Party.

We enjoyed great food and
drinks and lovely company
with old and new friends.

We discussed travel and art
and the world and reflected
on just how lucky we are.

And in grand Murphy tradition,
we were some of the last to leave
and then we strolled home in the
wee hours of the morning.

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