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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Central Park ~ New York City

Perhaps My Favorite Place in the World

People always ask me what I
do when I come to New York.
Do I go to plays? ~ not often,
but sometimes.
Do I go to museums? ~ yes I do.

But the place where I spend
most of my time is Central Park.
So come take a tour with me.

We will start at the Dairy which
is now a Visitor's Center.
Built in 1870, it was a place to get
fresh milk for children which was
a difficult thing to find at the time.

We can take a stroll up the Mall
in the shade of a magnificent stand
of American Elm trees.  I have heard
this is one of the largest remaining
stands of Elms in the US since this tree
has been ravaged by Dutch Elm disease.

At the top of the Mall is
Bethesda Terrace, considered
by the designers to be the heart
of the park.  The Angel of the
Waters statue sits in the middle
of the fountain.  This area is often
 see in films and television shows.
Personally, I like to come early in
the morning when the dogs and their
owners meet here and have their
morning social time.

Do not miss the sandstone carvings
surrounding the terrace that depict
the four seasons.

Look across the lake to the
Loeb Boathouse, here you can
rent boats and bikes, take a
gondola ride or enjoy a meal.

We will cross the beautiful
Bow Bridge and...

...take an amble through the Ramble.
The Ramble is a section of the park
with 38 acres of winding trails, you can
forget you are in the city while hiking
through here.

Climb up to the terrace of
Belvidere Castle.  It means
beautiful view and it certainly
offers great views of Turtle Pond
and the Great Lawn.

Take a walk through the
Shakepeare Garden which is
filled with plants mentioned in
Shakespeare's works.

This is only a very short tour
 of a magnificent park.  I encourage
you to visit and find some favorite
places of your own.

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