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Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day!

In 1492 Columbus Sailed
the Ocean Blue...

The United States is a country
of immigrants, we all have ties
to a homeland.  And every October
the Italians and others celebrate
 Columbus'arrival in the New World.

I'm not Italian though many people
assume I am.  My late father-in law
always thought I was Italian and would
ask my opinion every time we ate Italian
food.  I would say, "Bernie, I'm not the
Italian daughter-in-law, that's Angela."
( There are a lot of kids in the Murphy family)
I'd say, "I'm the Irish/Eastern European
daughter-in-law, you can ask my opinion
on Irish soda bread, goulash and pierogis."
But I'm a good Italian cook, and he always
loved my lasagna.

I love Italian foods,

and Italian fashion.

So today I went out to celebrate
Columbus Day, New York style.
30 blocks of Fifth Avenue are closed
for the parade and there are big crowds.

There are marching bands,

fire trucks,

a gondola,

a festive horse cart.

It wouldn't be an Italian celebration
without Italian guys carrying a religious
statue on their shoulders.

They even had the Santa Maria.

I couldn't help wondering if this
guy was Italian...
and if he likes lasagna.

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