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Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Greek To Me

While shopping for ex votos in the antique
markets of Monastiraki in Athens, I met
Achilles.  He started speaking to me in Greek
and I asked him if he spoke English.  He said
he thought I was Greek and when he found out
I was from America he said of course I must be
a Greek-American.  That's when I realized I
could be Greek, the dark hair, the dark eyes...
So sometimes I become Eleni Maria.
I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan today and
I found out there is a Greek Festival.
Oh yeah ~ time for Eleni Maria!
We checked out the food selections.
We had a delicious dinner of spanakopita,
moussaka, Greek salad and those fabulous
Greek green beans.  During dinner I even
met one of my friends from home.
After dinner it was time for dancing!
And to finish off the evening we split a
Baklava Sundae ~ sinful.

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