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Monday, August 27, 2012

On Eating Well & Living Well

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well."
                                    ~ Virginia Woolf
Mr. Wonderful and I spent a lovely weekend
in Michigan exploring the country back roads.
On Friday night we went to a Greek Festival
where the food was (of course) delicious.
On Saturday afternoon we were heading through
an Amish town in northern Indiana called
Shipshewanna and decided to stop for lunch.
We went to a place that is said to have great food...
This was my lunch.  The best thing I can say
about it is I'm glad I got the half order.
It was at this lunch that we made a pact,
to NEVER eat bland, boring food again...
This was dinner on Sunday when we got home.
Balsamic chicken with mushrooms, asparagus
and grape tomatoes and freshly picked corn.
It was divine.
You can't just eat good food.  You've got to talk
about it too.  And you've got to talk about it to
somebody who understands that kind of food.
                                ~ Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Actually, both meals look pretty good to me. The noodles need to be thinner for my taste and accompanied by some vegetables. Then again, noodles are a favorite of mine. I also know that not everyone cooks them well. I like to think I do!

    Just found your blog on the Quilting Gallery looking for fellow Indiana bloggers.


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