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Friday, September 7, 2012

Travel Tales: Sometimes I Really Embarrass Myself...

It was a beautiful morning in Istanbul.
Mr. Wonderful and I were waiting to tour
the Dolmabahce Palace.
We had to wait in a long line for the
next tour in English.
Mr. W. held our place in line while I went
off exploring, I enjoyed this beautiful spot
by the water...
I admired this gate but was saddened
that the shot had to be ruined by the
ugly modern buildings behind it...
I enjoyed watching the children...
I then headed back to the line and that's
when it happened.  For the past 30 years,
as Mr. W. & I are strolling or standing next
to each other, I often hold onto his arm. 
My brain could not register what was
happening because I could see Mr. W's
face in my peripheral vision saying Nooooooo.
And then I looked up and my arm was
entwined in another man's arm.  I gasped,
turned red and said, "I thought you were
my husband!" as scenes of me causing an
international incident are running through
my head...  The man was with 3 women, one of
whom was his wife and they were from Spain
so we could communicate easily and they
were such good sports.  As they left, the
wife came up and grabbed my arm, and
said, "Don't worry, I will share him with you."
And as all the palaces and gardens begin to
fade, it is always the interaction with others
that will stay with us forever. 

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  1. I stumbled across your blog but I have always wanted to see Istanbul!! And I'm the kind of girl that would totally grab the arm of not-my-husband. Thanks for sharing!


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