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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ideas for next Christmas

I LOVE Sharpie markers, if I get a super
pack of Sharpies in my Christmas stocking,
I can consider that my best present of the day.
So my question is, how come I did not know
 there were Sharpie metallic markers?
I happened to notice a little ad for them on
Facebook and after squealing, visions of
sugar plums like the one pictured above,
danced in my head.
I made these ornaments for my friends this
year.  It is a Sharpie silver on a matte ornament.
The design is the pattern I use when I machine
quilt.  But you could use any design you can
imagine.  So, while you can still get some great
after Christmas clearance buys, pick up some
ornaments, some metallic Sharpies (I found mine
in the stationary aisle of my grocery store) and
get a head start on next years crafting.

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