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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Make Do" Pedestals

The days of Butler's pantries and endless
storage in our homes is long gone for most
of us.  Yet, we still like to entertain and 
presenting food on plates of varying heights
makes for an interesting presentation.
I do own a few cake stands but they are
difficult to store.

So here is a little trick I use for "making
do" with what I have.  Take a pretty plate
and a tall candy dish or vase like the ones
shown above.

Place a few rounds of Mounting Putty on
the bottom of the vase or candy dish.  Then
turn the plate over and center the putty
end of the vase on the center of the bottom 
of the plate. Apply enough pressure so the
pieces stick together but take care so you
don't break the plate.

And this is what you end up with.
Mind you, I'd only use this for a 
buffet, you wouldn't want to pass
this around because with too much 
movement it could come apart.
For those that are lucky enough to have
tons of storage space, you could make this
permanent with an adhesive.  Personally,
I like to be able to change the various
tops and bottoms as it fits my needs.

This is how they look in use.  When  finished,
 just pull apart and store as usual.

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