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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Neat to Eat ~ Stroopwafels

We are a Stroopwafel lovin' household.
Long before any of us had been to the
Netherlands we were all hooked on them.
And no one more so than Brennan, any
time we make a Trader Joe's run, he always
requests them.
On my first visit to Amsterdam I saw
this guy selling stroopwafels at the
Albert Cuyp Market.
Why didn't I try one of the chocolate
dipped ones?  I'm never hungry when
I come upon these great things...
Stroopwafels are two very thin waffles
with a syrupy caramel sandwiched
between them.  The best way to eat
them is to place the large ones on top
of a cup of a hot beverage.  This melts
the caramel and makes one waffle soft
while the other is still crisp.  Num!
When I was in Amsterdam a few weeks
ago I noticed many cute little stroopwafel
shops.  When I was in the big supermarket
behind the palace, I noticed a group of Asian
girls filling their baskets with these little bags
of the mini stroopwafels.  I guessed they were
buying them as gifts to take home.  So, I brought
a bag home for Brennan.

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