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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to 
travel the world.  But there is nothing better
than coming home.  The joy and comfort of 
sleeping in your own bed (I call mine The Cloud),
having your best doggie friend follow you around
to make sure you don't leave again, touring your
garden to see what has changed since you were
last at home, and just being surrounded by the
people and things you love...

Today we are all home at the same time, a thing
that doesn't happen all that often any more.  We
didn't expect Brennan until next week as he is 
working on a special project, but we got a news this 
morning that he is sick and there is no better place
to get better than at home.  The homemade chicken
 soup is on the stove, ready for when he wakes up.
Dinner for the rest of us (vegetarian of course) is
being prepped and then for dessert we will celebrate
the holidays we have missed as a family.

A Happy Day!
I hope you have one as well!

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