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Monday, July 1, 2013

Homekeeping: Cleaning The Mattress

Or, the Pinterest and the Pea...
People who know me, know I'm very
particular when it comes to my bed.
I like it to look good, I like it to smell
good and I take time to make it that way.
I iron my sheets, I use a lavender linen
spray and I tuck a lavender sachet under
my pillow.   I saw this pin on pinterest
about cleaning your mattress so I thought
I'd give it a try.
Take 1 cup of baking soda and
4 to 5 drops of lavender essential
oil (or any scent you like).
Place in a jar and shake to mix.
Place powder in a kitchen strainer and
dust all over the mattress.  I found this
part to be tricky.  It was best to place the
strainer on the mattress and put a small
portion in it and then gently tap the side
of the strainer.  You want it to come out
like you are dusting confectioner's sugar
over a dessert.  I found I still had to move
it around with my hand to get full
coverage on a queen size mattress.
Wait one hour and vacuum with the
upholstery attachment.
The pin says this will draw up any moisture
or dirt from your mattress including dust mites.
I'm not sure about that but it did smell good.
I decided to buy new sheets to
mark the occasion.
Ahh, a pinterest success!
Every night when I get in bed I feel
like I'm floating on a cloud...
Night, night.


  1. This is funny for me to read from my own perspective. I have wondered about doing this without the lavender. I don't like scents and particularly not in my bed. I also get upset when I have to buy new sheets because I don't like how they feel.

    I am glad you found your happy spot with all of this. Thanks for sharing your success!

  2. You have shared such an easy and cheap method of mattress cleaning.. It will save lots of money for me as I often hire Mattress Cleaning Brisbane and Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast services to clean mattress

  3. Being very particular about cleaning the bed is very essential. This is where you spend your time after a long and tiring day, and it would be such a shame if you weren't able to sleep comfortably at night. And if using baking soda and other essential oils for cleaning it is very effective, then it’s really a must-try! But I think it’ll also be helpful if you could wash it all the way ever so often, so to make sure that those nasty nuisances that might have accumulated there will be eliminated. What do you think?

    Lucy Andrews @ Safe Clean by Guardsman


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