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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Why Do We Always Break the Things We Love?

As a gardener, a lover of flowers and all
round general collector of tchotchkes,
I have a lot of vases.  Ohhh, do I have
vases.  So why, while I was cleaning the
kitchen did I have to hit this vase with
the copper kettle and send it smashing to
the floor?  I loved this vase, it went so
nicely with my sunny yellow kitchen and
could hold a giant clump of wildflowers
and just look so perfect... and it was the
blue I love... and it was polka dots!
I knew I shouldn't have bothered cleaning
the kitchen.


  1. So sorry your favorite vase is broken - it truly was a lovely one!! Hope your day goes better!


  2. Wasn't there anything to sew??? Fabric is soft, it won't break it it falls down....

  3. Tchotchkes, that's what we collect, but I know about losing one of our special tchotchkes! You are so funny and Jewish, it cracks me up...

  4. But, wait, wait! Don't throw away those beautiful pieces. Keep them for a mosaic flower pot or something. The vase will still be there, just transformed!
    best, nadia


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