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Monday, September 2, 2013

When I'm 64...

I guess it is time to rethink the phrase,
"When I'm 64".  Today Diana Nyad,
long-distance swimmer, author, broadcaster,
traveler and just all round interesting person
completed a 110 mile swim from Cuba to
Key West.  She is 64 years young.
I first encountered Diana 35 years ago when
my sister and I were traveling around Florida
and Diana was making her first attempt at this
swim.  I remember we followed her progress and
we were so disappointed when she did not succeed.
This was her 5th try at the swim and she did it
without a shark tank, wetsuit or flippers.
I have done a mile swim in the Atlantic and it
was exhausting and I was probably 50 years
younger than Diana is today.
We all need to remember to NEVER give up on
your dreams.  And perhaps even more important
is to have dreams in the first place.
Congratulations Diana!!!!


  1. What inspiration for all of us!!! Thanks for posting about this!!


  2. OK, I'm going to do an extra round of yoga this morning! You're making me feel guilty!
    best, nadia


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