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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feathering the Nest

The animals we see on our hikes always keep 
us entertained, especially the squirrels. For
one thing, there are so many of them and for
another thing, they are crazy!
This guy was feasting on a treasure that was
probably buried beneath the snow all winter.

This guy had been drinking from this big puddle.
I was shooting this from a distance and into the 
light so I thought he was still drinking and it 
wasn't until I got home and saw he had turned 
around to pose for the camera.

These two were so busy, they were stuffing 
their mouths with leaves and trying to run 
up the tree without losing the leaves.

I was distracted by the one still on the ground
when Mr. W yelled, "Look where he is going!"
Into a little hole in the tree, it must be Spring
cleaning time.  I wonder if babies are on the way?
We will keep an eye out for them...


  1. Until the big tree near the den window died and was removed I enjoyed eatching squirrels scampering about. I need to plant another tree there. I miss those little stinkers.


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