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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wool Gathering

Recently I have started working with felted 
wool as well as wool felt (confusing, right?).

Wool felt is a nonwoven product, it is felt like 
we know from when we were kids but made
with wool so it is very beautiful felt.

Felted wool is a woven product,  do you have
a 100% wool skirt or blazer?  That's the kind 
wool I am talking about but then that fabric 
is washed in hot water and dried, you are 
trying to shrink it.  The reason for that is 
when we are doing wool applique work we
want the fabric to be tightly woven so when 
we cut it in small pieces, we don't want the 
edges to fray but to keep its shape.

I find felting my own wool to be very fun.  I
buy old wool garments at garage sales and
thrift shops and cut it apart and felt it.  You
certainly can buy beautiful wool felt, I just
feel it is like a treasure hunt to find the 
lovely woolen garments on my own.

Here are some gorgeous browns and tans.

Lovely blues and greens.

And some grays and blacks.

Once I'm finished writing my current book, 
I will be designing some wool applique pieces.

Stay tuned!

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