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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elle's Kitchen: Quick and Tasty Mini Pepper Appetizer

One day many years ago, the kids and I 
stopped at our local grocery store after 
school and they happened to be sampling
these appetizers.  We tasted ~ we loved!
And we have been making them ever since.

Mini sweet peppers
Whipped Cream Cheese
a hot pepper jelly or jam

Wash and dry peppers and cut in half 
lengthwise.  Scoop out the ribs and seeds,
I use a spoon to do this.  

Filled the pepper halves with the whipped
cream cheese, again, use a spoon and flatten
along the top.  Add a spoonful of the jam or
jelly to the top and serve.  I used a Cherry
Jalapeno jam that I found at a Farmer's
Market in Grand Haven, MI.  It was delicious!


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