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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letchworth State Park

When we left off yesterday we were heading to 
find a forest to sleep in.  We ended up at 
Letchworth State Park.  One of Wonderful's
co-workers had suggested it but he didn't know 
where it was.  As I was reading off local camp
sites, when I said Letchworth, he said, yes, that's
the one we need to go to.
We got there late in the day and set up camp, had
some dinner and sat around the campfire.  We had
no idea about what was special about the park since
we had only seen the campground.  In the morning,
Wonderful was about to cook some eggs and bacon
when I said, "you know, I'm not really the let's eat
breakfast at the campsite kind of girl ~ I'd much 
rather eat out".  With that, Wonderful put every-
thing away and said let's go!  

In reading the park brochure, I saw there was an
inn and said let's go there for breakfast.  The
brochure described the park as the Grand Canyon
of the East.  It wasn't until we left the camping area
that we could really see the splendor of the park.

As we rounded a bend in the road we could see
a beautiful building through the trees.

We parked and started walking through the
garden to the front of the building.  If you look
closely, it looks like fog in the distance.

Coming round to the front of the house, this is
what we saw.  This had been Mr. Letchworth's
home when it was a private estate.

And the fog in the previous photo, well, no, it was
mist from this spectacular waterfall.  Now that's
quite a unique thing to have in your front yard.

The interior is filled with beautiful carvings.

I wonder what the bells are for?

We had a lovely breakfast and chatted with the
other diners as if we were all guests of the house.
The we set out for a hike to walk off the big
breakfast.  Then it was time to start our journey 

We ended up that night at Malabar Farm.


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