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Monday, April 25, 2016

Quiltmaker's 1000 Blocks Book Mystery

A while back someone had told me I was a 
part of this book but I had not heard from
the publisher so I wasn't sure.  A few weeks
ago I visited Lolly's Fabrics in Shipshewanna,
Indiana and noticed they had the book so I
took a peek.

On one of the opening pages showing some
of the blocks, there was one of mine.  It's the
top row, second from the left.  I checked the
index and my name and two page numbers 
were listed but when I visited those pages,  my
blocks were not there.  I thought maybe it is not
the page number but the block number ~ tried
that and nope, that didn't work either.

So when I got home I contacted the publisher 
and found out I am indeed in the book but there
was an editing problem with the page numbers
which will be corrected in future issues.

Here is one of the blocks called Dutch Treat,
it says it is on page 85 but it's really on 87.

This is my other block called Felicity, it says 
it is on page 77 but it is on page 79.

This is the quilt I made using the Dutch Treat
block, I call it Going Dutch.

This is the quilt I made using the Felicity block,
I call it Felicidad.

If your guild or shop would be interested in a class
for either of these quilts, send me an email:


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