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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Civil War Remembered ~ Block 4

Texas Tears

We are in Week #4 of the Civil War Quilt
by Barbara Brackman.  Check out her blog:

Quilters use many different "types" of fabric
including Civil War Reproduction fabrics.
Reproductions are fabrics that are inspired
by actual fabrics of the time period.

I know quilters that will only work with
reproduction fabrics.  I know other quilters that
will only work with one fabric style in a
specific quilt.  For example, if they are using
batiks, the entire quilt must be batik fabric.

I am driven by color so I will use whatever
fabric works best for the specific quilt.
I can mix and match fabric types easily.

For this project I am trying to use reproduction
fabrics or at least fabrics that have the "feel" of
the Civil War era.
Dustin has started a flickr group where we can all
post our work in this project:

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