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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Trails

Can It Be Too Cold For This?

Last night as we watched the news I saw
on the weather map the graphic of a guy in
a cloud blowing artic air into our region.
But I didn't get the message...

Yesterday we had a lovely snowfall, not too much
but everything was covered and beautiful.
Today was magnificently sunny, as I got dressed
this morning, the weather channel told me it was -1
degrees F with a -15 F wind chill.
But, I still didn't get the message....

Once on the trail, I did notice I was the only one
crazy dedicated enough to have made it out this morning.
It still didn't sink in...

Then I got caught up in the beauty of it all.
The new snow, the tracks of the animals,
the little leaf or bud in the snow.

It wasn't until I got home and realized the toes on
my left foot were numb that it started to hit me.
And when I got undressed my legs that were
not covered by boots or a coat were frightening.
From just below the knee to mid thigh my skin was
red and blotchy and...scary.
Then it hit me, there may be days when it is too
cold to go and play. 
I'll try ski pants tomorrow.

There are some levels of cold that only a
bowl of hot & sour soup in front
of a fire can cure.

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