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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Civil War Remembered ~ Block 5

Kansas Troubles

We are following along with Barbara Brackman's blog.
Already have five blocks done.

"Mother provided shirts, collars, drawers,
three pair home knit wool socks, several
pocket handkerchiefs and two quilts,

...sisters had provided an arrangement
(a housewife), containing buttons, needles,
pins, threads, yarns and a steel thimble.

I had provided myself with a large
pocket knife, 2 combs, towels and toilet
 soap and a pocket diary for recording
incidents of note.

...and the Messers. Jones had presented
me with a pocket revolver of six chambers,
saying the I might get into close quarters
and need it.  This was my outfit."
Billy Davis
Johnson County, Indiana

Check out blocks from around the world
at Dustin's Flickr site:

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