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Monday, January 31, 2011

Travel Tales: Ronda, Spain

 A Jewel in Andalucia

Early on a beautiful, quiet Sunday morning,
we left Estepona to drive up into the
mountains to visit the town of Ronda.

We took a dramatic route through the
mountains.  There was one lane up and
one lane down with constant hairpin turns.
Add to that guys on motorcycles that would
weave between us and the oncoming cars
and bank so far on each side that their
elbows would almost scrape the ground.
By the time the goats started hopping
on to the road I was ready to cry.

But once you reach the top of the mountain,
you will realize that Ronda is worth the trip.

We wandered through the deserted streets.
The Spainiards, no doubt, were still
recovering from their Saturday night revelries.

The morning light was beautiful.

After a while the town started to wake up
as people were heading out to cafes.

We walked over the Puente Nuevo or "new"
bridge which is from the 18th century.

The views into the gorge and out to the
Serrania de Ronda mountains was spectacular.

We sat in a lovely park and waited for
Sunday Mass to let out and for the
Medieval Market to open.

Then it was time for some food.

Lovely Spanish olives...

Spices of every sort.

These ceramics were by a couple of cute
brothers from Cordoba, all the work is done
by their family.  I have a few of their pieces
in my home and I think of them
when I look at their art.

We had plans for later in the day so it was
time to head back down the mountain all
too soon.  I look forward to returning to this
beautiful city ~ though next time I think
I'll take the train...

On a weather note, we are being told
to expect a horrific ice storm.  The ice
has begun and it is likely to take down
the power lines, so if there is no blog
in the next few days, you'll know why.
Please send warm thoughts our way.

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