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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Neat to Eat: Kurtoskalacs

Hungarian Street Food

In Hungary, Kurtoskalacs, or chimneys of flavored dough,
are a common street food.

Dough is rolled out and wrapped around large rolling pin shapes.

The rolls are brushed with butter and rolled in sugar.

The pins are rolled over the coals to cook
the dough and caramelize the sugar.

When the rolls come off the coals,
 you choose what you want the dough to be rolled in.
The choices are cocoa, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, sugar or nuts.
The prices are in Hungarian forints.

The rolls are wrapped in cellophane and as you stroll the Budapest
Christmas Market through Vorosmarty Ter you pull off pieces
of warm, flavored dough.  This looks like a chimney
with steam coming out of the top.
This is a treat you should share, it is a lot of dough and sugar.

The guys at this stand were especially popular,
 they really put on a show!

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