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Friday, January 7, 2011

Reality Check

Happy Trails

Today I had to face facts, it was time to get back on track.
After weeks in Europe, eating sacher tortes, linzer torts, Mozart balls &
chocolate covered gingerbreads with candied ginger. That was
in addition to the 5 course dinners, after which I'd ask the
tall, dark and handsome Ned for the cheese course please.
Then I came home to the holidays ~ ugh.
I just refused to get on the scale, I was in denial.  But, today was
 the day when I had to face it.  And happily, I only gained 2 pounds.
Two pounds?  I guess hiking up those Alps and
walking from dawn til dusk must have taken care of things.

So today it was time to get back to the woods.  When I'm being
good, I hike every day.  An hour and fifteen minutes in the woods
does so much for me, it keeps my body healthy but more
importantly it keeps my mind healthy.
I am an outdoorsy sort of girl, I love nature.  I get to see the change
of seasons up close and personal and I see deer and owls
and piliated woodpeckers all the time.

This is a particularly scenic section of central Indiana
and I'm lucky to live near here.

My best friend, Mia the wonder dog, hikes with me.
She loves the deer and squirrels.

On our hike we pass an intact Indian Mound built
by the prehistoric Adena/Hopewell tribes
between 250 B.C. and A.D. 50.

We also pass a historic house built by a pioneer
family that came out West in a covered wagon.

Go explore nature!

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