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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Travel Tales: At Home in Paris

#8 Rue des Lombards

When we leave the American Homestead we still like to feel at home.
So, when we travel we try to rent apartments or condos.  We are not happy
in hotels where one must spend most of their time sitting on a bed.

In Paris, that home is located in the 4th arrondissement in the
 Marais District on the right bank.  It is on a quiet street in a very old
area of the city.  It is a section of the city with winding streets
and beautiful old architecture.

The small streets are safe enough that we would allow our kids,
 even when quite young, to go out alone to explore the neighborhood. 
 They would walk the few short blocks to the very modern Pompidou Centre
 and stroll through the shops or people watch near the fountain garden.

Notre Dame cathedral is a few blocks away and each day I
 would walk past it a few times on my way to and from the Metro. 
After a few days, I found myself not even noticing it and made
myself stop and appreciate it each time I went past.

The apartment had beautiful wood floors and wood beams
on the ceiling.  It had a big table that was the center of our experience, 
we made beautiful meals from the little kitchen.

To us, travel is not about always dining out but heading to the
local markets to see what is in season and carrying home a few baguettes
 under your arm.  We like to live like the locals do.

Life in France is so much about bread and sometimes it was so good
we would use it up before the end of our meal but we could send
Brennan out with a few Euros and in minutes he would be back
with warm baguettes.

Every morning my brother and I would sneak out quietly and explore
the deserted streets, taking photos in the early light,
popping into a bar for a cafe au lait and always going to our favorite
boulangerie to buy pain au chocolat, croissants and
of course, the morning baguettes.

Back at home we would open the windows and listen to the bells
ring from the Church of Saint Merry around the corner.

Au Revoir Paris


  1. we like to travel in much the same way. We do like hotels, but we also like to shop local markets, check out different foods and find places to hang where we can meet the people who live where we are visiting, Not the tourists.

  2. Nice post.!! Keep sharing with us,


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