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Friday, February 25, 2011

Good vs. Evil in Casa Murphy

Angel Child/Devil Child?

This is Brennan.
My Angel Child.

This is Kate.
Though I have often called her
my Devil Child,
I don't really mean that.
We are terribly alike: fiercely, but quietly
competitive, we both have a wicked
sense of humor, we are creative and artistic,
love the same music (remember I introduced
you to The Clash, Kate!), even like the
same type of men.
So to call her a Devil Child would
be calling myself the same thing.

It would be safe to say however, she has
"a bit of the Irish Divil" in her.
Strangely, I am the only one who
 has to suffer the divilments of
Katie Rose Murphy...

In our apartment in Spain there was
the most frightening looking doll that
ever existed.  After a few days of me saying,
"that doll gives me the creeps" every time
I walked past it, the divil child had a plan.
I'd pull back the covers of my bed, there
was doll, open my suitcase ~ there was
doll, open the microwave ~ yup, you
guessed it, doll.
And every time, she got me, I'd scream!
The only reason I was happy to leave
Spain was to get away from Doll.

Back at home, Rob has an absolutely
hideous Halloween mask that he has
used to frighten generations of
neighborhood children.
The Divil Child thought this would be
a great substitute for Doll.
So, I'd open my undie drawer ~ scream.
Still half asleep I'd reach for the carton
of OJ and mask would be hanging from it.
Every night before bed I get my face
wash out of the medicine chest ~ she'd
have it rigged so not only would it be
there when I opened the door but would
come flying out at me ~ more screams...

On a long car ride home last year
from Williamsburg, VA she didn't have
doll or mask, so she had to create
something to terrorize tease me with.
And Bottle was born.
She'd hit me on the head with it, slip it
into the front seat as I was sleeping
 so I'd wake up hugging it...
Almost a year later, it is still in the house
and every once in awhile, I'll find it
in my bed, in a shoe, etc.
You may ask, since you are so alike, do you
Ellen also have a bit of the Irish Divil
in you?  Ahhhh, I guess you'd have to ask
my sister how many times my behind
has been tossed out of Book Club...


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