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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Day!

We've all heard of snow days...

...but around here we have to be unique
and have an Ice Day.

We had round one of the storm last night
and still have power ~ yeah!

For those of you that are lucky enough
to have never experienced an ice storm,
the problem is the power goes out. 
The ice coats the power lines and trees
and eventually both of these break and
we lose power. 

No power means no heat,  no heat means
 water lines can break and that is a big mess.

So we are waiting for round two to
hit later this afternoon.  It is supposed
continue through the night.

Kate and I are the only ones here this week.
 The storm was so bad Kate's school, Burris,
closed today and that rarely happens. 

I would be happy to get the blizzard
instead of the ice...

This is a photo of the woods behind our house.
There will be no hiking today because the
trees may break and start dropping their
branches.  When you step outside, you can
hear the crackle of the ice on the trees.

This is the view across the back fields,
I can't wait until they are
green and beautiful again!

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  1. Hello, it looks like over here: snow since November, frosty weather and no sun....
    I think it is great that so many people from all over the world share in making the Civil War Quilt!! My fabrics for this projekt are bought at a little shop in Coloma/Ca: my husband visited our daughter in SF and they made a tour round the country!!
    Many greetings from Germany sends Regina


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