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Friday, February 4, 2011

Mi Abuelas y Abuelos

My Spanish Grandmothers & Grandfathers

I am the baby of my family, I came along when my
parents were in their late 30's.  Even among the cousins
of my generation I'm one of the youngest.
Sadly, that meant two of my Grandparents had
 passed away before I was born and the other
two were gone when I was still too young to
appreciate them.  I do remember them
but the memories are a bit hazy.

I often wonder is this why I LOVE old people?
Did I miss out in my youth and now I'm making
up for lost times?  Many of my friends are
decades older than me ~ and they are a ton
of fun.  What stories of their interesting lives
I get to hear from them.  Honestly, much more
interesting than many of my contemporaries.

I have often thought I was born in the wrong
time period.  I love old buildings, old furniture,
old stuff and...old folks.

There is something that especially draws
me to older people in Spain that makes
me ask, "Can I be Spanish?"

The Spanish abuelas (grandmothers) always
seem to be in pairs.  They have their hair done,
wear old but well cared for coats, a nice purse
and good shoes and put on nice jewelry even
if they are going to the market.

And then there are the men...
Spanish men fascinate me.  The older
gentlemen wear flannel pants, a lovely
cashmere sweater and a tasteful tweed
jacket and of course, good shoes. 
It is Spain after all.
I wish I had a photo of the gents that
hang out outside the hat shop in
the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. 
They could teach GQ about men's fashion.

And I have no complaints about
the younger Spanish men either...

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