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Monday, February 28, 2011

Mr. Wonderful & the Hat

Going Native in the Alps

A few months ago when Rob and I
were traveling through Europe I
kept noticing how handsome the men
were in their native attire.  Great hats with
feathers and brushes and good woolens
with horn buttons.

By the time we were in Salzburg,
Austria I think I had finally persuaded
Rob to get a Tyrolean hat, with feathers.

Then Rob spotted this man and
he looked smashing in his woolens
and hat, with feathers.  That convinced
him, we went hat shopping.

He got a beautiful gray hat with
feathers and cording and a
lovely Austrian badge.

When we got back to our boat,
the hat was a big hit with our
friends, he was loving it.

A few days later we were traveling
by ourselves in Germany and we
visited Schloss Neuschwanstein up in
the snowy Alps.  I had noticed two
hot, twenty-something girls were
checking out Rob but it's okay, that
happens and it doesn't bother me.

Once we are inside, waiting on line to
go on the tour, who should happen to
be right in front of us but the girls.
They both turned around and smiled
so I said, "hi".  Well, that broke the ice...
They started asking Rob if he got his
hat here, they had been noticing how
good he looked in it, it just suits him so
perfectly and on and on...
I just said," Yeah Murphy, you're
rockin' that hat ~ aren't ya?"

He smiled for the rest of the day!

I think we'd look quite
fetching in these outfits.
Maybe next time?

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