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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Shoe Store of the Nuns & Hookers

Shopping for Shoes in Madrid

We were strolling through the
shopping streets just off Sol Square
in Madrid and came upon a shoe
store that had beautiful men's loafers.
We went in to look around and of course,
I looked at the women's shoes...
I sat down next to Rob and with a heavy
sigh, exclaimed, "they only have shoes
for nuns and hookers!"
With that in come 2 little nuns, looking at
the nuns shoes, not the hooker area.

We moved on and while out on the
street we noticed there were lots
of hookers around.  As it was early
afternoon I remarked I thought it was
sort of early for hookers to be out.  My then
14 year old son pointed out to me, it
was Siesta time.
How true, yet still a bit disconcerting
to have your 14 year old think of that!

A few days later while in the area,
I convinced Rob to get a few pair of
loafers.  We went back to this store
and as we waited for the salesman
to return with the shoes, in comes
a "lady of the evening afternoon."
We knew this since she was dressed
in canary yellow hot pants with a
matching halter top and fishnet stockings.
As the weather was turning very
Spring-like she would need those new silver
lame strappy sandals instead of her
thigh high boots.
I just looked at Rob with the
"I told ya so" look.

Oh yeah, after seeing her...
I bought the nuns shoes.

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