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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Civil War Remembered - Block 34


We are quilting along with Barbara
Brackman's 2011 Civil War Quilt.

Trial and Errors:

I want to warn you, you may
scream when you see some of
the measurements this week.
Don't worry, I've done the screaming
already and if you just follow the
instructions and look at the photos
it will be easy.  Really...

So here is the tough measurement you
will see this week.  It is 1 13/16", yeah, it
makes your head swim doesn't it?  I never
use measurements like this but there was
no other way to get it to come out accurately.
So here is the easy part, it is just halfway
between 1 3/4" and 1 7/8".  Look at the above
photo, you can do it and you'll be amazed
how easily you get used to it. 

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric A: Dark (Green)
6 - 2 1/2" squares

Fabric B: Light (White Print)
6 - 2 1/2" squares - Mark
a diagonal line on back.

4 - 1 13/16" x 3 1/4" rectangles

2 - 4" squares - Mark
a diagonal line on back.

Fabric C: Medium (Red)
2 - 4" squares

Make Small Half Square Triangles:

Pair Fabric A and Fabric B 2 1/2"
squares with right sides together.
Sew 1/4" away from each side of
drawn line, cut on drawn line,
press seam to the darker fabric.
Square to 1 13/16".

Layout units as shown and sew
together,  press seams to the right.

Make Large Half Square Triangles:

Pair Fabric B and Fabric C 4" squares
with right sides together.  Sew 1/4"
away from each side of drawn line,
cut on drawn line, press to the darker
fabric.  Square to 3 1/4".

Layout rectangle and large HST
as shown and sew together.
Press seam to the left.

Layout units as shown and
sew together but read on to
the next two steps for hints
for more precise piecing. Press
 final seam open to reduce bulk.
Square to 4 1/2".  Make 4.

When pinning the seam have these
opposing seams "lock" together.

I have marked the points with blue
marker to show the intersection of the
 two seams that make up the point.  You
should sew a thread width above this
intersection to accomodate the fold
of the fabric, you can get very precise
points this way.

Layout units as shown and sew
together in 2 rows.  Press the seam
in row 1 to the right and the seam in
row 2 to the left.

Sew the rows together, press final
seam open to reduce bulk.
Square to 8 1/2".

Check out everyone's work on Dustin's Flickr site:


  1. I wish i had waited for your superior math's brain. I fought with my block after squaring those first pieces to 1 3/4, Instinctively i knew it was not right but my head would not take me to dropping down to 16th's. I didn't have a problem with the larger triangle , but i like your alternative, A very nice block :-)

  2. I really appreciate you sharing your tips. You have helped me out with more than one Civil War block. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much for your weekly "insights" to each CW block. You often have solutions that make it work out perfectly.

  4. What would I do without your tutorials?! Thank you again!
    I'm off to do this one now, as I always wait for your directions first!

    p.s. I posted my blocks as a group because you asked! Thanks for your interest. redhen8


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