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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Quilts of the Indiana State Fair

In the Home & Family Arts Building
at the Indiana State Fair there is always
a lovely display of quilts made from all
over the State.  I thought you might like to
see them.

Sorry for the poor picture quality
but this is not a great place to
photograph quilts.  The following
quilts are in glass cases and there
is a lot of glare from lighting but
I included them because the
quilts are so lovely.

For those who live outside of
the United States, do you have
something like a State Fair?


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I love to admire quilts in shows, although it always scares me to pick up a needle afterwards :-).

    In the Netherlands we have 2 large (countrywide) shows per year.
    In september is the show organised by the Dutch quilters guild , (so we have a couple of weeks to wait).
    After each picture you see 'lees meer', meaning 'read more'. On the left you can click links to previous years.

    The other large show is the Open European Quilters championships ( always in the Netherlands).

    We don't have a rich tradition in quilting like there is in the US. It's only since about 20 yrs that more and more people have this hobby.

    And I think ( bit chauvinistic) that we have some great quilters over here too LOL.

    Enjoy the pictures
    Dutch hugs

  2. I am not in touch with Malaysian local crafts. Frankly, they don't interest me. So that's probably the reason I am not aware of any State Fairs as such, if any that is.