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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Field Report from Nature Girl

Finding Joy in Life's Simplicity

I have been very lucky to have
led an life filled with excitement.

I don't know how it happened ~ I'm
just a quiet, rather shy person but
I guess I have always been in the
right place at the right time.

Someone will say, "I'm going to ____
want to come along?"  So I go and
that is how life has always been.
I have had thrilling experiences.

But life is not only about the
big ticket thrills, the simple
everyday things can be equally
and sometimes more rewarding.

I try to spend part of everyday
on a trail in the woods with my
best friend, Mia the Wonder Dog.
Sometimes my other best friend,
Mr. Wonderful, gets to join us.

Tonight I saw some beautiful
funghi and a barred owl.
Simply wonderful.

Very soon I'll head outside to have
a good long look at the night sky.  Last
night we saw quite a few shooting stars. 

Where do you find simple pleasures?

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  1. I have a bird feeder outside of my kitchen and when we eat it is always a pleasure to see the birds visit.