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Monday, February 27, 2012

Life Is Like...

A Bowl of Cherries

Sometimes the smallest things
 can bring you joy.

Some of you may already know I
have an obsession with a collection
of Japanese blue & white bowls.

Whenever I'm in Pearl River Mart
in Soho I pick up a few.

One day Mr. Wonderful & I stopped
into our favorite little thrift shop in our
 neighborhood in NYC's Hells Kitchen.
I found the sweetest little blue & white
bowls with cherries but since that was
the first stop on our "Things we have to
do while in New York" list, I didn't buy
them because I didn't want to have to lug
them around all day.  No sooner were we
a few blocks away when the regret started
in.  I worried all day about those bowls, I
could picture someone else snatching them
up and displaying them in their NYC kitchen.
So, later that day, I sent Mr. Wonderful back
to get them.  I could describe exactly where
they were in the store and with the Luck of
the Irish, they were still there.  We use them
all the time, for our hot & sour soup lunches,
cereal for breakfast or a late night bowl
of ice cream.

But my favorite way to use them,
is to fill the bowl with ice and water
and throw in a handful of ripe cherries.
Yum!  It's heaven on a hot summer day.

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