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Friday, February 10, 2012

Felt is the New Black.

Okay, maybe that's going too far...

I can only speak from personal experience,
but feltwork is hot right now.  I have been
working in felt alot lately and from what I have
been seeing on Pinterest, I'm not the only one
with an interest in that area.

One reason may be the wonderful felts
that are now available.  Don't limit
yourself to the 4/$1 felt squares in the
craft shops.  Go to quilt or needlework
shops and you will find higher quality
felts in delicious colors.  Felt is so easy to
take to a craft group ~ no machines, cutting
mats, etc.  Felt is very forgiving, the edges
remain crisp no mater how much you work
with it.  And, there are endless possibilities.

I have come out with a few feltwork
patterns recently...

...and there are many more in the works.
Stay tuned!

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