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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

El Rey Ruins

Cancun, Mexico
We are in Cancun in the very touristy
hotel zone.  Since we love history we
left the beach today to ride the local bus
a few miles down the road to the El Rey
ruins.  This is a prehispanic settlement
dating back to 1200 - 1500 AD.
The site is small but well-maintained
and the cost of admission is minimal.
It is nice to remember the history of this
area long before the timeshares and all
inclusive resorts were built.
This is a grinding stone for corn that
 was found on the site.  Other found
artifacts are things not native to the
area and show how advanced the Maya
 were in trade along the sea routes.
Hundreds of iguanas roam the site.  As their
natural habitats were taken away to make
resorts, I suppose they found refuge in this
historic site.
We saw some pretty birds too.
Our condo is on the very edge of our resort
and just over the fence is a jungle area that
contains Mayan ruins.  It makes me feel good
to live so close to such history.

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