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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Travelers vs. Tourists

We are in Cancun and yesterday we went
to visit Isla de Mujeres, an island just off
the coast of Cancun.  It was our second trip
to the island, we had visited last year.
Last year we took the local bus into
El Centro where they told us to change
buses, which ended up being a van with
benches ringing the perimeter of the interior.
We climbed in, it was filled with local Mexicans
on their way to work.  They shyly smiled at us
because I'm guessing few sunburned Americans
ever get into this van.  We hopped out at the local
ferry which was a rickety old bucket of bolts but
filled with character.  We've been telling this story
all year...
Yesterday we walked a few minutes from our
Hotel Zone resort and took the gleaming new
ferry filled with other vacationers. 
No story there...
Last year we explored quiet streets on
foot, taking pictures, listening to the
sounds of everyday island life coming
from the homes, smelling what was
cooking for lunch, seeing life up close
and personal.
Yesterday we breezed around the island
in a golf cart.  If there were any interesting
sites or smells to be had, we missed them.
We were viewers from afar.
Last year we ate lunch out on the street.
We sang Feliz Cumpleanos en Espanol to
someone in another restaurant, the whole
street joined in.
Yesterday we had a very nice lunch in
a beachfront restaurant.  We listened to
loud American conversations all around
us.  If not for the view, we could have been
anywhere in the US.
Last year we found a deserted beach
where we snorkeled and frolicked in
the water and when we finally came
out of the water we realized 4 hours
 had passed.  Then we collapsed beneath
a palm tree and walked over to a local
beach bar for a pina colada.
Yesterday we rented chairs and an umbrella
on a beach where they brought drinks to your
chair.  The chairs were crammed together so
we had to suffer the loud music and stinky
fumes of cheap cigars from our neighbors...
Can you tell our preference in travel?
I'm not saying one is right and one is
wrong ~ absolutely not.  I'm saying find
what is right for you and enjoy it.

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