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Saturday, August 10, 2013

...and the bye-byes begin

The summer has flown by...
The kids finished their finals and got
themselves home from school in early
May while Wonderful & I were still roaming
around Europe until later May.  Then
the summer just got away from us.  We
were all busy with our work and there
was no time for play this summer.  We
did get to enjoy each other's company
though.  And then it happens, the car
gets packed and away they go again.
Our Kate headed back to Purdue University
today and the photo above shows what
she couldn't fit in the car.  Wonderful
will be taking a delivery to the sorority
house tomorrow.  Next week we get to
do it all again with Brennan.
I always tell them that school is exactly
where I want them to be at this time of
their lives, but it makes me sad all the same.
Farewell my sweet girl!

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  1. I know the feeling. Number 2 and his wife came in so that they could see Number 3 and his son before he heads back to USI on Friday. Since Number 1 is over by Louisville he actually gets to see both of his brothers more often than we do. The interstates make it a faster trip than it is for us. I am so happy they are all living good lives but I do miss them! Btw, my older two and both of their wives are PU alumni.