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Friday, August 30, 2013

Elle's Kitchen: Food Find

Isn't it great when you come across a favorite
food item that has been made even better?
Recently Mr. Wonderful was going to the
grocery store, I noticed in the weekly ad that
pistachios were on sale, so I told him to pick
some up.  Now, I must let it be known that I
love pistachios, they are delicious, pistachio
is even my favorite flavor of ice cream though
sadly, I can rarely find it in the Midwest.
So, Wonderful comes home with the pistachios
and says, "oh no, I didn't realize they were Sweet
Chili flavored!"  I thought, "Oh no?  What could
be wrong with that?" Oh no ~ oh heavens, they
are fabulous!  If you can find them give them
a try.
For those who may not be as practiced in the art
of pistachio eating as I am, here is a little tip to
get them open without breaking your nails ~ or
worse.  Let's face it, how many times have you
heard the words pistachio and chipped tooth in
the same sentence?  NEVER open a pistachio with
your teeth, the pistachio will eventually win.
Instead, hold the whole pistachio with 2 fingers
and with the other hand use an already broken half
shell and pry the shell open as shown (I was taking
the photo, so sorry for the one handed demonstration).
It is simple, it works well and it will save you lots of
money on dental bills so... you can buy more pistachios!


  1. My mister wonderful brought pistachio for me and he got the salt and pepper kind. A few were fine but I didn't enjoy them that much. They were not cheap.

    1. I saw the salt and pepper kind the last time I was in the grocery store and considered getting them. Thanks for the info, I'll stick with the sweet chili!


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