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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Rathskeller ~ Indianapolis

Now that we are back to living in the
Honeymoon Cottage, we try to get out
on the weekend and have lunch at a
restaurant we have never been to.
Today's choice was the Rathskeller
in Indianapolis.  It is located in a
castle-like building that was designed
by Kurt Vonnegut's grandfather.
This is a huge place that has a bit of everything.
A rustic bar area.
A bit more formal dining room with wood
paneled walls, walls painted with German
phrases (does anyone know what this says?),
and a fireplace carved with demons.
If you like beer, they have plenty to
choose from.
We had the Jaegerschnitzel with sauerkraut
and German potato salad.
We also tried Kassler Ripchen, it was a
pork chop with a raisin, apple and walnut
sauce with spaetzle and potato pancake.
The food was not as good as what we have
eaten in Germany but how often will you
find a restaurant serving Jaegerschnitzel
in the USA?
An added plus is just down the street is
one of my favorite shops.  I showed Mr.
Wonderful some great gifts for the future.
Update:  This is the photo of the Jaegerschnitzel
I had a few months ago in Bacharach, Germany.
It was lecher ~ right Regina?


  1. "The temperance may be good and nice, but it should not be allowed to be exessive!!" That's the meaning on the sign!!
    And a little note to the food: "Jaegerschnitzel" is served over here with mushrooms and and French fries, the combination "Sauerkraut" and "Potatoe Salad" is horrible..... I won't like that either!!! Sauerkraut belongs to the "Kasseler"!!! And what are the white sauce on it???
    And another hint: over here it is "Ratskeller" without "h", because formerly the "Ratskeller" was the restaurant in the town hall: the "Rathaus"!!! "Rat" is deduced from "raten" which means to give advice to someone!!

  2. I have only eaten at the Rathskeller once. Ironically, it was right before a Willie Nelson concert. What a combo. I have to say I was a little disappointed. Though I have lived in Germany, I don't remember the food because I was a child. I did marry into a German family though. Not an expert but I thought what I had was very dried out and tough and that their sides were lacking in variety. Rather come home to the recipes from Tante Ida and do it myself.

  3. We were talking about it this morning and decided we probably could have made it better at home. The jaegerschnitzel we had in Bacharach, Germany a few months ago was so good, I dreamed about it at night and went back to have it again the next day! This one did have a bit of a mushroom sauce and I think the white stuff was sour cream. I'm glad we tried the Kasseler because now I'm going to create my own version of the sauce at home. I wish I had a Tante Ida who could teach me some recipes. Still was an interesting place to see and I love the Kurt Vonnegut connection ~ a Hoosier! Regina ~ I'll post a photo as an update to the blog to show the one I had in Germany.

  4. Yes, that's the right "Jägerschnitzel"!!!! And that looks "lecker"!!!