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Sunday, August 14, 2016

American Homestead Pincushion/Ornament Class

This post gives information on my Ornament/Pincushion
Class that I teach to guilds, stitching groups and retreats.

There are many ways to use the projects that you create.
Here are the various ways you can use the ornaments.

You could also embroider a name and date on the back
to make it a special keepsake ornament.  I know people
who make them for their kids or grandkids so when they
grow up and have their own homes, they have a collection
of ornaments from someone they love.

You can also add a little pocket to the back to hold
a gift certificate.

If you decide to make a pincushion you can place them
on a metal candlestand which looks lovely.

You can also frame them, they look great grouped 
in three or four on the wall.

You can also put them on dowel sticks and
add them to a floral arrangement.

You have two choices to make:
1. What pattern do I want to make?  There are 13 to
choose from.  They are shown below.
2. What colorway would you like to work in?  There is 
a brighter group of fabrics called the European Folk
Art Collection and a deeper group of fabrics called the
Pennyrug Collection.  Here they are:

Patterns created in The European Folk Art Collection

Patterns created in The Pennyrug Collection

This is what you need to bring to class: (it's so 
simple, you can bring it in a little basket!)

Scissors: sharp scissors to cut the wool felt and thread
Small pincushion with a few pins
Needles: appropriate to your choice of thread or whatever
feels good for you.
For ornament: 2 - 6'' x 6'' squares of cotton batting (scraps
from your quit projects are great)
For pincushion: a sandwich size ziploc of fiberfill
Floss/Thread:  There are as many opinions on what is the
best thread as there are brands of thread so I let my students
choose their favorite.  I generally use DMC embroidery floss 
and the correct color numbers are shown below.  If you prefer 
another thread or floss then just search for a comparison chart
for the brand you choose.
For European Folk Art Colorway:  Ecru - 806 - 3347 - 742 - 816
For Pennyrug Colorway: 677 - 920 - 826 - 816 - 732 - 742 - 310

Now choose one of the 13 patterns.  The photos show a
European Folk Art colorway example on the left and a 
Pennyrug colorway example on the right.

Here is a video about the class:

I hope to see you sometime very soon!!  ~ Ellen


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  3. Hi Ellen, I love your pincushion patterns! Was wondering if you sold the patterns online.
    Thank you for the inspiration,

    1. Hi Catherine,
      Yes the patterns are available at:
      ~ Ellen

  4. Hi Ellen,
    You have inspired me with your pincushion designs! I just love them! Was wondering if you sold them online?
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  5. Hi Ellen,
    You have inspired me with your pincushion designs! I just love them! Was wondering if you sold them online? (The patterns to create them).
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  6. Sorry Ellen, I'm new to blogging and didn't notice that you had answered me.
    Thanks again,

  7. I tried purchasing all the patterns the other day off your website and then when I got to the shipping, I was told you don't ship to Canada. I would really like to get them and was wondering if you would make an exception and sell them to me.

  8. Hi Lori,
    Shipping to Canada is a very complicated thing. It is a customs, taxation and cost to ship issue.
    I do have another idea though, I have a book called American Homestead Christmas and it has 9 ornament patterns and many other projects that you can probably order from Amazon in Canada. I know people all over the world buy my book that way.
    All the best ~ Ellen