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Monday, August 22, 2016

Before and After Silver Haul

I had a meeting in a town about an hour and a
quarter away from my house earlier this week
and on the way home I stopped at a thrift shop
for a look around and found a pile of old silver.
I imagine a family emptied out someone's home
and sent it all to the thrift shop.  Probably many
of these pieces were wedding gifts back when
people got silver for their weddings.  There were
so many cool pieces, a huge circular tray that
must have been 2' across, coffee pots, creamers,
footed water pitchers...  and I didn't buy anything.
NOT ONE THING!  I thought, oh, you have so
much already, where will you put it?

And then I regretted it.  I thought about it all
week.  I really wanted the huge tray.

This was our wedding anniversary weekend and we
were out of state all day on Saturday so I made a deal
with Mr. Wonderful.  I said if we got up early on Sunday
 and got all of our outdoor chores done, could we head
back down south and see if any silver was left?  He was
up for it and off we went.  Of course many of the good
pieces were gone, including the huge tray.  But I did
pick up 10 pieces.  And I got it all for $20 which is the
weekend limit I usually set for myself.  So it was a score!

I polished it all as I was watching the final Lewis on
Masterpiece and now it is all packed away in the china
closet.  I think we will have a silver themed Thanksgiving
and Christmas this year!