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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday American Homestead Blog!

Today marks the 6th birthday of the American Homestead
blog and it is also my birthday but I'm older than 6!

I have been a bad blogger this year, in fact, I have only
posted 12 times in the whole year.  It seemed like blogging
was falling by the wayside but lately I am happy to see many
bloggers returning from long breaks.  So hopefully with the
New Year I will try to blog more often.  I do have so many
stories I would love to tell, things about my travels, the 
things I make, the things I eat, the things I collect, etc.

I do post everyday on Instagram:  @americanhomestead1

There are rumors that there may be some new technology
coming my way for my birthday so hopefully that will make
blogging a bit easier.  I take so many photos with my phone
these days, there are so many pieces of equipment it can be
hard to get them to work together in an easy way.

This blog started just as I was about to go on a big adventure
and that is still going on.  I travel a lot!  And I love it.  I have
traveled to 7 foreign countries this year, 6 of them are new
to me.  I leave next week to set sail to South America and I
will visit five new countries on my world list.

What is my World List you may ask?  Well, there are a few
milestones that travelers like to meet.  One is to
circumnavigate the globe, I've done that twice.  Another
milestone is to visit 100 countries ~ I'm working on that!
I am almost halfway to my goal.

So please stay tuned to see what the New Year brings.
I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays no
matter what holiday you may celebrate.  Just be happy!

All the best,

~ Ellen


  1. My first time here, found by way of a 2012 quilt pattern...a variation on the 4-patch. Happy to have found you! I've traveled some...really quite limited...but I do so enjoy it! I prefer warm tropical islands but I'd give anyplace a go!! I'll be back to visit you again.


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