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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oldfields ~ Indianapolis, Indiana

An American Homestead

On the north side of
Indianapolis, on the grounds
the Indianapolis Museum of Art
is the house called Oldfields.
It is a grand house and gardens
in the American Country Home
style.  When I visit it always
makes me think of the
Magnificent Ambersons.

It is the type of place
where a car like this would
drop you at the front door
and then pull around
to the garage in back.

This is the beautiful, sunny
front parlor with views
out on to the front lawn,
the allee of trees and
the fountain.

The cozy game room.

The library where all
the walls are lined with
beautiful leather bound books.

This is the desk in the
library which faces
into the room.  It would
have to be this way because
the view out the windows
to the gardens would be
too distracting and you
would never get any work done.

The back parlor.

This would be a perfect
spot to enjoy afternoon tea.

Is it because I spend so
much time in my own
kitchen that I am always
so fascinated by the kitchens
of these grand houses?

I would LOVE to
 have this stove.

The gardens were designed
by a landscape architect from
the Olmstead Brothers firm, the
designers of Central Park.

The gardens include this
formal garden but also
hillside rambles, a ravine,
wooded walks and the
grand allee at the front
of the house.

The gardens are filled
with birdsong and the
scent of Spring blossoms.

As you stroll along the
garden paths you come upon
beautiful statues.


  1. I took my mom there last year to the museum and she loved it. We didn't go to the house because it was really cold. But I plan on taking her there again this year.

  2. Wow! what a glorious house!!!! it's very 'gone with the wind'!!!! I like the kitchen too, very minimalist, no clutter, wonderful!!!!


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