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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The William Grose House ~ New Castle, Indiana

An American Homestead

This 1870 Italianate style
Victorian home was built by
Civil War General William Grose
in New Castle, Indiana.
It is now the home of the Henry
County Historical Society Museum.

It is a beautiful house filled
with antiques from the family
and donations from the
community.  This is the parlor.

The house has a few
locally made pianos.

This is a beautiful desk, I
suppose the maker realized
he was making a masterpiece
because he documented all
the information on the types of'
wood and the meanings of the
designs, etc.

The dining room was filled
with beautiful china and a
trunk of quilts and linens
that I had to hold myself
back from rummaging through.

The summer kitchen.

This half canopy bed is very
 high off the ground because
 it has a trundle for the
 children underneath.

Another beautiful desk.

On the day I visited, a person
was cataloguing the collection
of coverlets.  She was gracious
enough to unwrap a few for me
to view and I got to snap a
few photos.

A room in the basement is
filled with furniture made by
the Hoosier Manufacturing Co.
which was based in New Castle.
I am lucky to own a Hoosier
cabinet myself.  My Aunt Jane
gave it to me back in my hometown
of Rahway, NJ.  It was in her garage
and it held our dress-up clothes
when we were little.  When she was
downsizing she offered it to me
and I ended up moving to Indiana.
We always say I took it back home.

I encourage you to check
out your local museums.
This museum is filled with
items of local interest, it was
a great way to spend a few
hours.  Especially for the
girl who likes old stuff!

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  1. Thankyou for the tour of this wonderful old home!!! I love old stuff too, I could move right in and feel right at home!! LOL!!!


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