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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sapphire & Diamonds

Knowing What You Want

Ever since I was a little girl,
I have loved color.  Somewhere
in my teen years I decided if I
were to ever get engaged, I wanted
a ring that was going to be about me.
It would be a sapphire surrounded
by diamonds.  The typical diamond
engagement ring was not for me.

Then somewhere at the end of my teen
years Charles & Diana got engaged.
Hey, that's my ring!
Diana and I were born within the same
year and I remember thinking at the time
that I would never be prepared to get
married yet.  I didn't know what I
wanted or even who I was yet.
Sadly, we know what happened to that

And now that ring is on another
girl's finger.  I look at this couple
and I see happiness.  And I see
similarities to my life.  They met at
college, had a life together through
their 20's and now in their later 20's
are getting married.

I did get the ring I wanted.  Perhaps
not as large as Diana and Kate's, but
it is me.
Rob and I were together for 8 years
before we got married.  People would
ask us, "when, when, when?"  Honestly,
I had a list, THE LIST, of things I wanted
to do and be before I got married.  I was lucky
enough to have lived a rather grand New York
life and it was wonderful but I didn't want
that for the rest of my life.  I also didn't want to
go into my quieter life with any regret.  So , I
lived and did the things I wanted.

I won't be able to see the Royal Wedding
tomorrow.  I have to drive 6 hours all by
myself to be in Paducah, Kentucky for
the weekend.  But I will be thinking
about them, I have high hopes for them
because I think they may also know
what they want.

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