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Friday, April 22, 2011

Quilt Class: Disappearing Nine Patch

New Ideas for a Very Old Block

The sample block is made with
4 1/2" squares but you can make it
with any size square you want.

Cut 9 - 4 1/2" squares:
1 - light
4 - medium
4 - dark

Arrange so the light is in the
center and the mediums
are in the corners, darks will
be the outer centers.

Sew together in 3 rows, press
seams in rows 1 & 3 to the outside
and seams in row 2 to the inside.

Sew rows together and square
to 12 1/2".  That's your 9 patch,
now you'll make it disappear.

Cut a + sign through the
center of the block.

Rotate the upper left and lower
right units as shown so the light
squares are now in the outer
corners for those 2 units.

Sew back together as a
4 Patch by sewing together
in 2 rows.  Press seam in row
1 to the left and row 2 to the right.
Sew the rows together.
Square to 12".

You can use these blocks to
make many projects including
placemats made with a 9 patch 
 using 4" squares.

A little purse made with a
9 patch using 4" squares.

A tote made from a 9 patch
using 3" squares.

A lap quilt made from a 9 patch
using 4 1/2" squares.  I made it using
 2 charm packs and a border fabric.


  1. It's great that you share all your good ideas with others!! Nice pattern I think it's worth a try!
    Greetings from a sunny Germany!!

  2. I love the variation you get with the D-9-P, lovely projects!!!!

  3. D9P is one of my favorite blocks...great for kids quilts and so easy to do.

  4. I have been looking forr this block for sometime. Now I can finish my husband's birthday quilt I started 2 years ago


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