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Friday, April 1, 2011

Poisson d'Avril

April Fool's Day ~ French Style

Oh to be in France today!
I find I could make a statement
like that almost any day but I
would especially like it on a
day like today.  April 1 in France
is called Poisson d'Avril, literally
April Fish.  People, especially children,
try to attach a paper fish to a
"victim's" back without being
noticed.  I would allow the child
in me to surface and have a
stack of fabric fish to attach
to Parisian fashions.

Since it is France ~ delicious
treats must be involved.  I'd
pick up a few of these cute
cookies for tonight's dessert.

I would enjoy a small
sack of these chocolates
as I walked through my
neighborhood, hoping 
someone would put a
fish on my back.

Happy April!

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  1. Over here in Germany we say: you send someone into April! There are several articles in the news-papers today to fool the readers, for example: there will be a new tax on cars with 5 doors....
    Greetings from Regina


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