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Monday, April 18, 2011

Present Perfect ~ Little Blue Bird

& Present Imperfect...

In this beautiful baroque
palace, Schloss Nyphenburg,
in Munich, Germany, I found
a little blue bird that caught
my eye. 

 I may have mentioned
to my traveling companion that
I loved the little thing.
Lo & behold, my he gave it to me
 as a present and I look at it
everyday and I think of
the beautiful palace and the
wonderful trip we took.

Some of you may know
my daughter Kate is going
to attend Purdue University
in the Fall.  Already it is being
suggested that I will have to
wear clothing that says,
"Purdue Mom!"
Oh save me....
I'm just not that kind of
Mom and let me just state
right here that if any of
my family members are
getting thoughts of great
joke gifts for me along the lines
of this...

Or even worse, this...

Just know, I will throw them
at you if you bring them
anywhere near me!
Just sayin'...

What has been a perfect
or imperfect present for you?


  1. The little bluebird is just divine!!! A very thoughtful gift!! I find the perfect presents have all been practical, like a kitchen/cooking item or sewing/quilting tool! or a piece of jewellery! The imperfect ones are generally pretty but dust collectors!!! However, it is the thought behind them that counts! I don't do much cooking, but I sure am behind on the dusting LOL!!!

  2. The perfect gift for me??? Fabrics, fabrics and more fabrics.... Or books and magazines which show how to sew nice things out of the fabrics...
    The imperfect presents are so called "Stehruemchen", as a friend of mine may say: that means they are "standing around" and catching the dust!!!
    The little bird is really cute!


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